A bit of background info…….


For over 30 years I worked in main stream secondary education, initially as a teacher of Art & Design and ultimately becoming a Senior Assistant Headteacher. I absolutely loved my time in school working with some amazing young people, however, in 2013 I made the decision to take early retirement allowing me, once again, to focus my attention on the creative aspects of photography and art.

I love all aspects of nature, in particular, wildlife, flora and the occasional landscape!  During my time working in education the opportunity to travel was fairly limited, particularly as the majority of photography trips take place during term time, so in the few years following retirement I took the opportunity to visit some amazing places – India, South Africa and Alaska to name but a few. These images can be found in the respective blogs. You will see that gallery images are UK based only. We have some amazing wildlife here in the UK  and,  whether it’s exploring our local nature reserve or travelling further afield, you’ll often find me in my wellies lying in the mud ……. and if it isn’t possible to get outside I’ll be at home with my drawing pencils.